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Most Popular Tours

the hiker, lanten lady, lanten tribe, laos, northern laos, luang namtha, tribe

Lao Forest Tribe Trek

Experience a pure cultural immersion with Lao forest tribe trek.
Trekking and Kayaking in the National Protected Area_The_Hiker_Combined_Tours_3

Immersive Jungle Adventure 3 - Trek & Kayak

Adventurous 3 days trekking and kayaking in the Lao jungle.
Trekking & Mountain Biking

Combined Adventure 2 - Trekking & Mountain Biking in Nam Ha Valley Trails

Exciting 2-day trekking & mountain biking tour in Laos.
wild thrill trails, wildness, hunter trails, jungle camping, tribe, homestay

Wild Thrill Trails Camping & Homestay

Exciting 3-day wild thrill trails, where you'll trek through the
Kayaking & Trekking in Northern Laos - The Hiker

Combined Adventure 3 - Trekking and Kayaking in National Protected Area

Adventurous 2 days trekking and kayaking in National Protected Area.
Nam Oun, Wilderness, Trail, Jungle, Northern Laos, Luang Namtha, Evergreen Forest, Adventure

Nam Oun Wilderness Trail

An unforgettable two-day trek in the National Park's hidden wilderness.
Trekking and Kayaking in the National Protected Area, Northern Laos - The Hiker

Combined Adventure 1 - Kayaking & Trekking in Namha National Park

Spend adventurous 2 days kayaking & trekking in the Namha
The Wild Explorer in Nam Ha National Protected Area, Luang Namtha, Northern Laos, The Hiker

The Wild Explorer - Big Adventure with Jungle Camping

This spectacular wild explorer trek is a must do for
Nam Ha NPA Day Tour

Nam Ha National Protected Area One Day Trek

A one day trek in the primary rainforest of Nam
Hunter trails, Camping & Homestay

Hunter Trails, Camping & Homestay

A remarkable jungle hike that follows old hunter trails deep
The Ultimate Hiker’s Choice

The Ultimate Hiker’s Choice

The 5-day hiker's choice adventure is for those trekkers who
Nam Ha NPA Safari

Nam Ha National Protected Area Safari

Get ready for a 4-day safari, to experience the wild
Akha Homestay Experience

Akha Homestay Experience

This fabulous 2-day homestay experience at the Akha hill-tribe village
The Last Akha Trails

The Last Akha Trails

This 2-day Last Akha Trails will make you discover one
Namha NPA Villages Experience

Namha Villages Experience in National Protected Area (NPA)

Namha Villages Experience is a 2-day hike through the forest
Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands

Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands

Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands is a 3-day classical excursion to
kayaking, the hiker laos, luang namtha, northern laos, the hiker, river, jungle

Kingfisher Floating Kayaking Trip

One-day kayaking trip through the National Park of Northern Las,
The Hiker, Laos, Luang Namtha, National Park, Ethnic Minorities, Jungle Tribe, Mountain Biking

Minority Groups Cycling Day Trip

One day cycling exploration trip where you will visit various
Hill-Tribe Village Off-Road Biking - The Hiker

Hill-Tribe Villages Off-Road Biking

In this 1-day hill-tribe off-road biking tour you will visit
Off-road Biking and Homestay

Off-Road Biking and Homestay

Head away from the town on your adventure 2-day mountain
Nam Oun, Jungle Expedition

Nam Ha Evergreen Forest Camping

This awesome 2-day forest camping hike is in the core
Rainforest Tour in Laos Nam Ha National Protected Area

Nam Ha Rainforest Trek

On this 1-day Rainforest Trek, you will get acquainted with
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Big trees
Big trees
Ethnic Experience
Ethnic Experience
Jungle Camping
Jungle Camping
Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking
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Tour Reviews

monica lobettibodoni

Hunter Trails, Camping & Homestay

amazing experience.. hard enough to finish with the joy of an accomplished challenge! we spent three days in the deep primary forest, which is always changing its shape in a way that every single leaf or bamboo spot or banana forest or bird plume animist totem or cardamom forest was a surprise!
a plus was the homestay night, where we tasted our best dinner in laos and where we could sit among old ladies smoking their pipes around the fire and enjoy with them the show of the young girls of the village dancing for (and with) other travellers 🙂
and all that was possible thanks to our guide E and his assistant MAN, always available with explanations, careful to our needs but never obsessive, two special persons we will not easily forget!!! and another special thank to the agency staff who was so patient and who provided all the infos we needed to choose the best tour for us.. COPTAI LA LAI!
moni & robi


The Wild Explorer - Big Adventure with Jungle Camping

I did this trek at the end of October 2018 and I can assure you they give you what they promised! Real adventure, back to nature, some of the treks are really challenging and demanding but it was so amazing! So if you really like adventure and are not scared of the wildlife of the jungle this trek is a very good option!s