Multi-adventures are multiple, adventurous activities in the jungle including mixture of the following: Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Biking/Cycling, Kayaking/Rafting, Ethnic Experiences in Minority villages

Trekking and Kayaking in the National Protected Area, Northern Laos - The Hiker

Combined Adventure 1 – Kayaking & Trekking in Namha National Park

Spend adventurous days kayaking & trekking in Namha National Park.
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per person
Trekking & Mountain Biking

Combined Adventure 2 – Trekking & Mountain Biking in Nam Ha Valley Trails

Exciting 2 day trekking & mountain biking tour in the Nam Ha Trails.
per person
Trekking and Kayaking in the National Protected Area_The_Hiker_Combined_Tours_3

Combined Adventure 3 – Trekking and Kayaking in National Protected Area

Adventurous 2 days trekking and kayaking in National Protected Area.
per person