Ethnic Experience

Akha Homestay Experience

Akha Homestay Experience

This fabulous 2-day homestay experience at the Akha hill-tribe village is a cultural feast and will present you with an opportunity to observe the authentic ethnic minorities of Northern Laos.
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Trekking & Mountain Biking

Combined Adventure 2 – Trekking & Mountain Biking in Nam Ha Valley Trails

Exciting 2-day trekking & mountain biking tour in Laos.
Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands

Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands

Exploring Remote Ethnic Lands is a 3-day classical excursion to the remote areas of Luang Namtha, Northern Laos.
Hill-Tribe Village Off-Road Biking - The Hiker

Hill-Tribe Villages Off-Road Biking

In this 1-day hill-tribe off-road biking tour you will visit an Akha hill-tribe - one of the most authentic ethnic groups of Northern Laos.
Hunter trails, Camping & Homestay

Hunter Trails, Camping & Homestay

A remarkable jungle hike that follows old hunter trails deep into the primary forest.
5.00 / 1 review
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Kingfisher Floating Kayaking Trip

One-day kayaking trip through the National Park of Northern Las, where you will witness the local fishermen hunting their fish in a traditional way.
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Lao Forest Tribe Trek

Experience a pure cultural immersion with Lao forest tribe trek.
The Hiker, Laos, Luang Namtha, National Park, Ethnic Minorities, Jungle Tribe, Mountain Biking

Minority Groups Cycling Day Trip

One day cycling exploration trip where you will visit various ethnic minority groups such as Akha, Lantan and Tai Dam of Northern Laos.
Nam Ha NPA Safari

Nam Ha National Protected Area Safari

Get ready for a 4-day safari, to experience the wild side of the jungle within the Namha National Protected Area in Northern Laos.
5.00 / 1 review
Nam Oun, Wilderness, Trail, Jungle, Northern Laos, Luang Namtha, Evergreen Forest, Adventure

Nam Oun Wilderness Trail

An unforgettable two-day trek in the National Park's hidden wilderness. It's a completely nature lovers' trip!
5.00 / 2 reviews
Namha NPA Villages Experience

Namha Villages Experience in National Protected Area (NPA)

Namha Villages Experience is a 2-day hike through the forest to the villages inside the National Park of Northern Laos.
The Last Akha Trails

The Last Akha Trails

This 2-day Last Akha Trails will make you discover one of the most unique tribes of Northern Laos, the “Akha” tribe.