This awesome two-day forest camping hike is in the core area of the National Park. You will trek amongst the evergreen forest, through mountainous terrain and through huge old trees. You will be forest camping in the dense jungle with a chance to see some wildlife. You will also visit the remote ethnic villages along the valley of the Nam Ha River.
Mission Trekking
Activity hours Day 1: 6 hours, Day 2: 6 hours
Meals Day 1: Lunch & Dinner Day 2: Breakfast & Lunch
Transport Minivan or Tuk-tuk
Accommodation Jungle Camping
Duration Start: Day1: 08:30 – Finish: Day2: 17:00
What to bring Rucksack, Hiking boots, Hat, Sun-cream, Mosquito spray, Torch, Clothes/shoes to get wet, Change of clothes, Warm clothes, Pocket money, Raincoat (Wet season), Toilet paper or tissues.
What is included Water, Meals, English speaking guide, Local guide/s, Transport as mentioned above, Accommodation as mentioned, Community-based ecotourism fund, Government taxes, National Park conservation fund, Tourism development fund, Villages fund, All entrance fees, Travel permits.

Additional information

Duration2 days 1 night

Day 1

Luang Namtha – Ban Thasae – The Hunter Camp (Khmu tribe)

We will start Nam Ha Evergreen Forest Camping adventure around 8:30 am at The Hiker office. Your guide will brief you about the hike and the trails. You will start with moderate walking, before heading deep into the primary forest. Your guide will point out plants used for medicine and some places where you can wildlife spotting. You will help your guide prepare the jungle picnic meal before hiking further to the campsite. There you are going to set up simple beds in a bamboo hut for the overnight stay. For the rest of the day, you can either relax after the long hike or you can help your guide and learn how to cook local style. Enjoy eating dinner near the campfire exchanging stories with the local guides, and also have a pleasant night and sleep, listening to the jungle sounds around you.

Day 2

Ban NalanNeua – Ban Namlue – Luang Namtha

The sun rises late in the jungle, so feel free to wake up late. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while your guides prepare the breakfast. We depart from the campsite around 9:30 am. It takes a couple of hours to reach the Khmu village in the middle of the jungle, located on the Namha river bank. Khmu tribe is the largest number of ethnic groups in Northern Laos. We walk around the village to see and greet the locals. Next, we head to the Lantan village, the people derive from the south of China a few hundred years ago. You will see the locals wearing their typical clothing. Then you will head into the forest again, trek for a few hours to reach the summit where you will witness the beautiful views. We will have lunch on the hilltop before walking to the last village at the bottom of the mountain, another Lantan village where our transit car will be waiting on the main road. We will take a rest before walking10 minutes down to the car and get a transfer back to the town arriving around 17:00.
Maximum 9pax Price per Person
1 $ 162
2 $ 95
3 $ 87
4 $ 81
5 $ 74
6 $ 66
7 $ 61
8 $ 56
Private group $ 50
Nam Oun, Jungle Expedition

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
March 25, 2016

This trek was definitely one of the highlight of my trip around South East Asia! The Hiker team is experienced and super-friendly; you can trust them to offer professional and authentic trips.

The hike was a bit challenging, but absolutely duable providing you wear the appropriate shoes. Should you encounter any difficulties, the guides will show patience and offer you a freshly-machete-made walking stick! The trail was smartly selected: not once did we bump into another group of tourists, it was just the 8 of us and the jungle, which was much appreciated. The ever-changing scenery (rice fields, bamboo forest, primary jungle) makes the walk never boring. The last climb is pretty steep, but rewarding: a breathtaking view awaits you at the top.

Our two experienced guides, Noi and Ta, were both fluent English speaker, trustworthy, and always keen on answering questions, as well as having a good laugh with us. They cooked us the most delicious meals (Noi’s tomatoe sauce was a killer! we almost licked the bowl) from vegs they bought on the market, or got by themselves: mushrooms from the jungle and grilled fish caught in the river at night, with a torchlight and a homemade harpoon! They set up the camp for the night, all out of bamboo and banana leaves: we fell asleep with the loud sound of the jungle.

I would definitely recommand The Hiker for a trek around Luang Nam Tha. These guys have the heart on the hand, and you can feel it throughout every aspect of the company. Our group had the chance to enjoy the official opening ceremony of their office: only 6 months on the market, they’re doing a amazing job!

January 27, 2017

This trek was unequivocally awesome and the highlight of my travels in Laos. Lush jungle scenery and the tranquil sounds of the jungle serenaded our group from start to finish on our two day trek through the Nam Ha Forest.

The food was sublime at every meal and our three guides delighted us with their creative use of bamboo, making us a shot glass for our Lao Lao in the evening and coffee cups in the morning with our breakfast. Bamboo chopsticks, spoons made of leaves, sticky rice cooked in bamboo and the bliss of a shared meal added even more authenticity to the experience. The food itself was beyond words and can only be experienced in person.
The guides and the team at The Hiker happily accommodated the dietary needs of myself and two other vegetarians in addition to a woman with lactose intolerance but, I have it on good authority that the chargrilled fish and chicken were especially delicious.

Our wonderfully experienced and hilariously funny guide Phon Sak stopped often to explain about the local flora and fauna and offered us wild jungle rhubarb and wasabi flavoured insects with a big smile and a loud laugh when we tried them. They are hot!

The surrounding jungle was exquisite and I found myself constantly awed by the views. We followed rivers and streams for most of our two days trekking and arrived to a sandy beach paradise in a curve of the Nam Tha river that was too be our camp for the night. We made our campsite under the trees on bamboo leaves beneath a expertly erected bamboo leaf shelter. An afternoon swim in the river was the perfect way to end our first day trekking and an early morning swim was a refreshing way to start our second. Eating by the light of the campfire and falling asleep to the sounds of the river was divine.
Our second day was more difficult than the first with one full hour out of six exclusively climbing. With a fairly fit group we managed well but those who are less active can still manage this, I say from experience. We came across many scenic views of Luang Namtha and the surrounding mountains as our trek drew to a close. We ended in a small ethnic village a half hour drive from town where our guides gifted our tired, sweaty but ultimately victorious group with water before our ride home.
All in all I would highly recommend this trek, I had an incredible experience and would easily do it again.

February 9, 2018

Wow!!! I don’t usually write reviews but I feel like sharing my amazing experience with The Hiker. I cannot recommend this community based travel agency enough! They really stand out from all the other agencies in the area. I loved the fact that they employ the guides from the nearby villages to provide an authentic experience. Without giving too much away – the trekking, the food and all the activities will definitely stay in mind for life. Best stargazing ever. It was definitely the highlight of my trip in Laos.

August 6, 2018

I did a two days trek, which was great, the guides were very professional and they knew a lot about the jungle, we ate very good food, we also did a barbecue with freshly caught fish and jungle frogs. We made our own hut and slept beside a river on the banana leaves. On the way back we visited few minority villages where people from different tribes live.
It was one of the most authentic experiences of my travel, I highly recommend the hiker

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