The 5-day hiker’s choice adventure is for those trekkers who are fit enough to stay camping several nights in the dense jungle. This is a real challenging expedition exploring the wild jungle, facing wilderness survival activities conducted by our jungle experienced guides. This hiker’s choice tour will allow you as well taste wild jungle food, sleep in the wild under the stars, spot wildlife and experience a one night homestay.
Mission Trekking
Activity hours 6 hrs each days
Meals Jungle food
Accommodation 3 nights camping and 1-night homestay
Transport Van or Tuk-tuk
Start – finish time Day 1: 08:30 – Day 5: 17:30
What to bring Rucksack, Hiking boots, Hat, Sun-cream, Mosquito spray, Torch, Clothes/shoes to get wet, Warm clothes, Change of clothes, Pocket money, Raincoat(Wet season), Toilet paper or tissues.
What is included Water, Meals, English speaking guide, Local guide, Transport as mentioned above, Accommodation as mentioned, Government taxes, All entrance fees, Travel permits.

Additional information

Duration5 days 4 nights

Day 1

Luangnamtha – Ban Prang – Stream Bank Campsite

Are you ready for this exciting hiker’s choice trip? You begin packing all the essential items for this trip with your knowledgeable and experienced guide. You will then head off to the local market to get all the necessary ingredients needed for cooking. We then meet with our Khmu guides at their village who will assist us in the forest. Starting from the village we begin hiking up through the rice fields until we get into the primary forest. After 6 hrs walking in the dense jungle, including rest stops and a lunch break, we stop for the day and choose the right location to camp for the night. You will enjoy cooking a jungle dinner and sleep under the stars nearby the campfire.

Day 2

Campsite 1 – Mountain Ridge Campsite

Wake up to a cup of coffee or tea brewed by your guide. Enjoy your jungle cooked breakfast. Soon we continue hiking further into the dense forest where you will see big old trees and learn more about plants and their medical use. Pick some herbs and jungle vegetables along the way for dinner. Enjoy another evening of jungle food for dinner and a night sleeping simply in the natural campsite.

Day 3

Campsite 2 – Hundreds Year Old Trees Campsite

You will walk through many salt lick points where wildlife come to lick the salt. Today the hike is a smooth and shorter walk. So take it slow and easy to enjoy the surrounding wilderness and your guide’s commentary about his wildlife hunting experiences in his previous profession as a hunter. Hopefully, you will have a chance to see some wildlife today. We will stop at a suitable location for camping for the evening.

Day 4

Campsite 3 – Wild Animal Salt Lick Area Campsite

Wake up to a cool morning and enjoy the sunrise and phenomenal views. After breakfast, you will hike most of the time on the mountain ridge, a moderate distance on this day. You will be crossing the Namha river in the middle of the jungle before arriving in the village of the Khmu minority. Enjoy swimming in the peaceful clear water near the village and take a rest or a small walk around the village. Tonight we do an overnight homestay with a local family.

Day 5

Campsite 4 – Namha River Remote Villages – Back to Luangnamtha

After breakfast, we head to nearby Namkoy village of the Lantan ethnic group, where the people derive from the south of China a few hundred years ago. You will see the locals wearing typical clothes, then you will head into the forest again and trek for a few hours until we reach the hilltop where you will witness wide views. We stop to have lunch on the hilltop before walking to the last village at the bottom of the mountain, another Lantan village where our transit car is waiting on the main road. We take a rest before we walk 10minutes to the car and transfer back to the town around 16:30 PM.
Maximum 9pax Price per Person
1 $ 346
2 $ 223
3 $ 210
4 $ 195
5 $ 168
6 $ 156
7 $ 143
8 $ 135
Private group $ 120

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
October 21, 2019

I am a 58 year old guy who has done countless alpine adventures. I wanted a change of pace and focused on Laos. I began writing to Eco agencies. The response I got from The Hiker sealed the deal. Tom (the manager) said something along the lines of “we can take you as deep into the forest as you want to go.”

I pummeled him with emails about gear, can we customize the route, etc. His patience and humor were outstanding.

Upon arrival, I stopped by to let them know I was in town. From the very first second I knew I chose right. There were a few guides lounging about their office. Seriously, they genuinely welcomed me.

My 5 days up and down the small but steep mountains was amazing. My guides “Air” (The Hiker) and “Boun” (Kamu Village) increased my know-how and kept me well fed on found food.

Obviously, much more excitement was involved but that is my story. I hope you can create your own.

Tom and his team have built a solid agency providing much more for trekkers than just a canned adventure. He has put together a group of guides that are fantastic. And when your adventure is done, you stay their friend. For instance, I was sitting in the small local airport waiting for my flight out of Luang Namtha, I heard someone call my name. I looked up it was “Mun” (a guide from The Hiker) standing in front of me. He had driven out to the airport because he wanted to say so long and give me a gift to take home. Amazing!!!!

In the end, remember, it is what you yourself make it out to be 🙂

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